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Journey to your inner self

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Ancient wisdom in a novel context

Feminine Spirituality encompasses Vedic knowledge about material, psychological and spiritual aspects of life explained in a practical way. This course helps you to accept feminine energies and find out what exactly you want in your life.


Connect to your inner self, and see how the world will dance to the rhythm of love.


Feminine spirituality course

The course gives a gradual insight into the nature of your inner self. 


Vedic scriptures reveal how the highest realization of our spiritual self is feminine in its mood. In this way, feminine spirituality becomes the heart of our relationship with the divine. It can be experienced by everyone and is beyond gender, race, or other bodily identifications.

Dive deeply into the dynamics of Feminine spirituality. Explore 4 worlds, each representing one of the aspects of the Vedic wisdom: body & mind, feminine awareness, emotions and Inner self.

Our mission

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We are Jaya and Mallika, the founders of the Feminine Spirituality Center. We have placed the treasure of scriptural knowledge into the form of modern technologies based on the most effective principles of pedagogy. 

Our desire is to encourage and inspire you on your inner journey toward the feminine self.

Inspired by Feminine Spirituality


Gregor Schaller

(Business Owner)

I attended the seminar on Feminine Spirituality a few years ago. It's a must for everyone.. men and women.


Ludivine Pierre

(Project Manager)

I feel very fortunate to have attended the seminars Babaji and Jaya gave in France at the onset of my spiritual journey.  In a secure and cheerful atmosphere their seminars shedded light on basic truths which had always been hard for me to understand. It made "what is what" cristal-clear and most of all, made me realize I could benefit of being born as a woman in this life to reach my spiritual goal.


Anna Bastida

(Entrepreneur Artwork)

I attended the first workshop on Feminine Spirituality in Vrindavan. I learned so much about life as a woman. If I had known all of this before, I could have saved my marriage.


Divya Jyoti Pant

(Restaurant Business)

I came to know about Feminine Spirituality by reading the book "From Taj to Vraj" by Jaya Devi. I am amazed how a single young woman could be so fearless on her journey to find true love of the self .  It's like going into the dense  jungle to survive  and find a jug full of happiness and  eternal nectar. 

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