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Experience the Feminine
within spirit


Welcome to Feminine Spirituality!

Embark on the inner journey towards your spiritual feminine self.

Feminine Spirituality is a divine mood imbued with a feminine heart that has transcended the worldly emotions of love. It is not about women per se, it is about men and women who have accepted their feminine stance of being parts of a higher reality. Everyone has the capacity to experience their feminine spiritual self and rise above material nature. 

The center for Feminine Spirituality offers courses, workshops and personal consultations to deepen and enhance your experience of your inner feminine mood towards the Divine.

At times traumatic experiences from the past may destroy the routine of our daily life. They certainly block our spiritual progress. In cooperation with the Ihealing Center, Vrindavan, the Center for Feminine Spirituality offers Immersive healing therapies. 


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Feminine Spirituality Course 

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Spiritual Well

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From Taj
To Vraj


The Book


From Taj to Vraj: a Feminine Spiritual Odyssey describes the author’s experiences as a liberated Western woman who wanted to go beyond the limitations she saw in worldly love.


Believing that love is an all-inclusive experience, she embarked on a bicycle tour that took her around the globe for five years as she searched for her coveted goal. In India, she is propelled into a deep research after encountering different beliefs about women and their love, material and spiritual. 


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