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Feminine Spirituality Course

Embark on the inner journey towards your spiritual feminine self! Feminine Spirituality is a divine mood imbued with a feminine heart. It is not about women per se, it is about men and women who have accepted their feminine stance of being parts of a higher reality.


The purpose of the course is to become aware of our inner feminine self. Vedic scriptures emphasise the importance of feminine qualities in the world and on the spiritual path. 


This course is beneficial for both men and women who want to experience their feminine spiritual mood, which is the real beauty. 

Program Content


The course gives a gradual insight in the dynamics of feminine spirituality. Every chapter summarises the main points under discussion. After each summary participants have the opportunity to answer topic related questions to ensure a deep understanding of the content. Each chapter ends with a self- awareness question.


Looking into the mirror of our inner self and reflecting on the questions is a way of becoming more aware of ourselves. Self- reflection strengthens our emotional awareness, i.e. we gain a better understanding of our emotions, strengths and weaknesses. In this way we can improve our emotional intelligence, take better decisions and become more confident on the path of feminine spirituality. This course is meant for men and women whose passion is to reconnect with their inner feminine self.

Part 1: Interplay of Male and Female Energies   

Difference between sex and gender, Masculine and feminine qualities, Union of masculine and feminine energies in everyone, Following our own nature strengthens ourselves and our relationships, Feminine qualities described in Vedic scriptures, Feminine love.

Part 2: Symbolism of Male and Female Nature in Vedic Scriptures    
Creator and creation symbolized as man and woman, Prakriti symbolizes materialistic mentality, The meaning of ‘woman’ in Vedic scriptures.


Part 3: Your Mirror of Emotions    

The most powerful emotion is love, Emotions are the spice of life, Emotions manifest on three levels, Perfection of emotions.    


Part 4: Confidential Meaning of ‘Woman’ in Vedic Scriptures    
Power of women-in-love, The inner self has a feminine disposition, Feminine energy for everyone’s spiritual journey, Eight amorous women, Confidential meaning of woman.


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